di Panagiotis Doudonis

(30 maggio 2018)

The great political and constitutional turmoil caused by the President of the Italian Republic’s choice to veto the appointment of a Eurosceptic finance minister, and subsequently to appoint Carlo Cottarelli as designated Prime Minister to lead a technocrat caretaker government, brings out the importance of conventional regulation for continental European countries. The Head of State plays an enhanced role in the Italian political system, which is characterized by frequent changes in government, a norm that has been verified and augmented during the crisis years. It seems, though, that current developments suggest that the President has reached the outer limits of the powers conferred to him by a mixture of vague constitutional provisions and conventional rules…

Il contributo integrale, pubblicato sul blog della UK Constitutional Law Association, è reperibile al seguente link: Panagiotis Dounis, Constitutional Conventions and the Italian President.